Lend a helping hand to Joy Villages

The Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative (SSAI) is a registered non-profit humanitarian organization in Nigeria, with one primary goal: to adopt poor rural villages and co-develop them into values-based caring communities, or Joy Villages using SSAI’s Triple Care Mandate.

The Triple Care approach involves addressing the social, educational and health needs of the community through Sociocare, Educare and Medicare.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here. All proceeds go towards the SSAI programs.

Here are some facts to help you gauge the impact of your donation:

  • 4 USD - Feeds a school child a warm meal daily for a month
  • 10 USD - Will treat 1 patient free of all cost for a month
  • 60 USD - Pays a teacher's salary for a month
  • 100 USD - Covers the running costs of education for a child for a year