Our Inspiration

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

His is our goal, our guide and our guard. His life was his message and his message is that of Love and Service. During his lifetime, he went about doing good and inspiring all to do good.

He advocated the message of universality – all are one – and bore the wounds of our broken humanity. He saw himself in everyone and told us that, whatever we do to anybody, we have done it to him.

Hence, service to God is service to humanity and when I serve another, I am truly serving myself.

Proident sunt

Sathya Sai Baba of India

He is one of the foremost educationists and humanitarians in recent times. Through him, we experienced practical Christianity in its purest and universal form.
His free educational institutions to thousands of children round the world, his free medical health care services to millions of the downtrodden, his free water projects which supply portable drinking water to thousands of drought-stricken villages, and his philosophy of oneness of all religions had a great impact on us, and were the most impactful catalysts that gave us the courage to follow the promptings of our own hearts and to dare to be like Jesus in unconditional Love and Service.
Sai Baba’s maxim of Love all, Serve all; Help Ever, Hurt Never impressed us as a powerful synthesis of the oneness and unity of all religions, all humanity and all creation.

Claude-Francois Poulart des Places

He founded the Holy Ghost Congregation known as the Spiritans in 1703 in France. Claude abandoned his Law profession and decided to serve the poor. His life changed direction when he began assisting the homeless and poor chimney sweepers of Paris. He sacrificed everything he had and decided to use the resources of his family to help students who were too poor to continue education. He dedicated his life to the homeless and the poor. Option for the poor is the hallmark of the Spiritan Life and Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI) has taken this fundamental option.