The Embodiment of Love Academy - SKILLS ACQUISITION CENTRE

The Embodiment of Love Academy - SKILLS ACQUISITION CENTRE

“To guide children to the realization of their innate goodness through Human Values Based Education – also known as Educare”

The Embodiment of Love Academy Skills Acquisition Centre has been established to take care of the Skills development of the students.
It is programmed that each student would have become proficient in one major skill by the end of his or her secondary School education. These Skills include:
These Skills include:
  • ⦁ ICT – Information Communication Technology
  • ⦁ Website design and programming
  • ⦁ Graphics Design
  • ⦁ Dress making/Fashion and Design
  • ⦁ Carpentry and Joinery
  • ⦁ Photography
  • ⦁ Welding and Fabrication
  • ⦁ Cosmetology
  • ⦁ Electric Installation and Maintenance Work
  • ⦁ Solar Energy Installation and Maintenance
  • ⦁ Plumbing and Fitting
  • ⦁ Plumbing and Fitting

Presently, TELA Students are undergoing training in areas of dress making and Information and Computer Technology.
Recently, SSAI has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Divine Will Foundation, Canada in collaborative partnership to procure equipment and professional training for TELA skills center.

True education (Educare) equips a child with Academic Intelligence (Creative Thinking), Emotive Intelligence (value-based Life) and Practical Intelligence (Skills to deal with the challenges of life)

More than 75% of our student-population come from very poor economic background. After receiving free nursery, primary and secondary school education in our Academy, it is unlikely for them to continue through any tertiary institution due to their economic circumstances. Hence, TELA Skills Acquisition Centre was started to provide these students with basic skills that will help them become self-reliant.