Tela Breakfast Program (TBP)

Tela Breakfast Program (TBP)

“No Child should ever go to School hungry”

Dr Shira Taylor visited our School in 2013 and observed how about 29% of our school children come to school without a lunch park. Out of these 29%, about 20% do not usually eat breakfast before coming to school. Their parents cannot afford it. They come to school by 7.30 am and close at 3.30pm. How could a teacher teach a hungry child? They lack the nutritional stamina for any meaningful academic work.

The Biarienu (Come and Eat) Food Program began in 2014. Presently it is providing free nutritious breakfasts to over 500 schoolchildren daily who otherwise would not receive the “most important meal of the day.” For many, it is their only meal of the day.  It has been noted that teaching a hungry child is “like trying to fetch water with a basket”. Over 247,350 meals have been served to date.

Our Mission

  • ⦁ To provide nutritious breakfast to school children in remote villages.
  • ⦁ To advocate awareness of the interconnection between Child nutrition and Education and the need for every child in our world to learn with a healthy body.

Our Vision

To see every child learn and grow to their full potential by eating a nutritious lunch at school every day.