SSAI Nneani Farms Agricultral Project

SSAI Nneani Farms Agricultral Project

Rice, Maize and Cassava cultivation in 240 Hectares of Farm

Due to the recent global Covid’19 pandemic, it became increasingly difficult to adequately feed the growing number of students in TELA and The Heart of Love Children’s Home and to address the food security struggles in the villages. A sustainable solution was needed. Through the support of donors both local and international, the organization was able to acquire 240 hectares of fertile land surrounded by Eshi River in Adani and Ogurugu communities, approximately 300 miles from Joy Village Ebe. This project, established in 2018, became a focal point for the efforts of SSAI in 2020.

More than 120 hectares has been cleared and equipment to support cultivation has been acquired. A rice mill, grain warehouse and corn sheller have been developed. It is planned that within two years, Nneani Farms will be able to cultivate more than 220 hectares of 240 hectares of farmland.

In 2021, SSAI -NNEANI FARMS was awarded a grant by the Japanese Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Project (GGP). The grant award comes with a Yanmar combine harvester and two power tillers. This is a major breakthrough for SSAI because this equipment will greatly increase productivity while at the same time cutting down cost of labour.

The food products from Nneani Farms have helped tremendously in feeding more children who come to school hungry in village schools and in meeting the organization’s goal of never allowing any child to go to school hungry again! The farm has been able to provide food security for more than 1333 destitute families during the food crises related to the Pandemic. Additionally, the farm is helping provide nutritional support to more than 120 abandoned elders in our OLD IS GOLD PROGRAM.

Needs Assessment For Ogurugu and Adani Communities