Aruike Specialty Hospital Ebe, Enugu State

Aruike Specialty Hospital Ebe, Enugu State

"Caring is the essense of nursing." - Jean Watson.

Aruike Specialty Hospital (ASH), is a desperately needed modern, well-equipped Medicare facility that meets the urgent health needs of village areas, free of any cost to all patients without any discrimination.

It is a 34-bed hospital with operating rooms, maternity beds, a laboratory, and laundry, and kitchen facilities. Since its inception on the of 1st October, 2016, it has treated more than 173 000 patients with an average of 60 patients per day.

ASH specializes in ‘Mother and Child’ healthcare delivery but also provides general internal medicine services.

"When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. When character is lost, all is lost." - Billy Graham.

Our Motto

Behind every healthy child is a healthy mother.

Our Vision

To provide free and compassionate health care services to people living in remote places in Nigeria where no medical assistance is readily available

Impact of Service Activities on Community

Greatness does not lie in doing great things. It lies in doing small things with great Love. -Mother Teresa
Before the establishment of the Aruike Specialty Hospital, the medical care in the area was inadequate and prohibitively expensive for local people. This led to unacceptable rates of infant and adult mortality as well as high rates of infectious diseases, and other illnesses. The nearest hospital and doctor were nine to fourteen miles away and were unaffordable for most villagers.

It is certain that the free medical care provided by the hospital will have a substantial impact on the wellbeing of local people, reducing morbidity and mortality. Providing high-quality health care in a loving environment will also help children struggling with illness to succeed in their studies, and will boost the productivity of all those of working age who are often debilitated by illness.

In order to continue providing holistic quality healthcare services, a conducive self-contained doctors lodge was erected within the hospital premises in 2017. This is to allow the doctors and nurses provide round-the-clock care for their patients.
"If you treat a disease, you may loose or win, but if you treat a person, you will always win no matter the outcome." - Patch Adams.
Our Motto.


Our Partners in Service

Established in May 1970, is a Public Charitable Trust in India. It set up and runs Health Care Institutions wherein services to all, irrespective of colour, class, religion, nation or financial status, are provided totally free of cost. Their Hospitals, the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals in India has been our mirror of inspiration and has contributed immensely to the building and running of the Aruike Specialty Hospitals in Nigeria.

The Giving World Charity, UK has donated a number of containers of Hospital equipments and consumables. Without them, it would have been impossible to run our free hospital.

Singapore Sai Youth

The Singapore Sai Youth: These are a group of dynamic young people who formed themselves into a service group and contribute monthly from their savings towards the purchase and procurement of drugs and medicine for ASH. They are an inspiration for all young people in the world.