Nigerian Institute For Human Values Education (NIHVE)

Nigerian Institute For Human Values Education (NIHVE)

" Teachers are in the powerful position of molding the character of the students in their care, perhaps even more so than the parents. "

Educare (Human Values Education) draws upon the latest research in values and character education, neuroscience and psychology to offer a model for teaching and learning that has as its goal the transformation of students, teachers, parents and the community into members of a society who truly care about each other and the habitat in which they live.

At the heart of Human Values Education is the conviction that teachers are members of the most noble profession. We regard them as the essential change-agents for civilization to turn away from its present unacceptable path towards a new work where compassion, harmony, common sense and care for the environment prevail. EHV Training - Nigeria

Our Mission

  • ⦁ To train Teachers across Africa on how to integrate Values in every aspect of the learning process
  • ⦁ To raise inspiring teachers across Africa who become role models of the values in action and will help transform students into men and women of character

Our Vision

⦁ To raise the standard of the teaching profession as the hallmark of human excellence
Love Changes Everything
Love Changes Everything
Father Charles Ogada On Human Values Based Education
Mindful Parenting Education Based On Human Values

NIHVE trains educators (teachers and principals) in the EHV approach

Hence SSAI has outlined a range of training programs in Human Values Education (Educare) free-of-charge, to teachers throughout Nigeria and Africa.
Whether teachers realize it or not, everything they do, say or even think is having either a positive or a negative effect upon each and every student in their class. This is confirmed by current research into Values education and decades-long psychology investigations of imitation learning and vicarious conditioning. As teachers, once we embrace the idea that the quality of our own character is determining in large part the moral development of our students, the next step is to commit ourselves to an ongoing self- transformation in living the five universal Human Values of Love, Peace, Truth, right Conduct and Non-violence.

The Human Values are regarded as encompassing all of the noble virtues, and are seen as already lying within us, in full measure. In large part unrecognized and unmanifested, the Human Values that we are all born with, remain hidden within us like fire within wood. The teacher’s role is to become a blazing log that, by its very proximity, will set all others (the students) alight to manifest their true character, which is goodness, beauty, love and truth.

Our teachers in Joy Village have been well-trained in Educare, and have committed themselves to becoming ideal role models of good character for both students and parents. We regard it as our loving duty to train other teachers throughout Africa and elsewhere, so that they too can be captured by the spirit of adventure that accompanies any sincere effort in self-transformation.

To promote Education in Human Values (EHV) in Nigeria, SSAI has established the Nigerian Institute for Human Values Education (NIHVE). NIHVE trains educators (teachers and principals) in the EHV approach. Human values-based education is an innovative aspect of our model, and the key reason for our success as it is the missing link in our societal fabric (where corruption and violence are unfortunately endemic). 
NIHVE works in collaboration with the Australian Academy for Human Excellence ( and the British Institute for Sacred and Secular Education (BISSE) (