Liquid Love Rural Water Project

Liquid Love Rural Water Project

"I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink." - Jesus Christ

Ebe community was the first village SSAI partnered with and co-developed into a Joy Village. In partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), SSAI started with the creation of the “Liquid Love” water project. Today, clean, free water from a 480-foot borehole is pumped and piped along 25 kilometers of pipeline to more than 18,000 people in Ebe Community. This project eliminated the 6 month of the year draughts experienced by local residents and has ended the need for women and children in Ebe walking many miles a day to provide water for their families.  

Additionally, 4 boreholes with hand pumps were drilled for 5 communities in Gwagwalada, in Abuja Federal Capital Territory (Paiko, Goyi, Gofinda, Old Kaste and New Kaste). Before the boreholes were installed, all of these communities experienced heavy droughts and endemic parasitic diseases as a result of drinking contaminated (mud) water. 

Our Vision

A World in which all rural people have access to sustainable and free reliable water supplies

Our Mission

To provide clean drinking water to rural communities experiencing draught and water scarcity

Our Story - A boy sucking an unripe orange

One evening, in the hot summer of 2009, Fr Charles was walking through the village as he met a boy sucking an unripe orange. He stopped and asked the boy, “Why are you eating an unripe orange? It must be very sour in your mouth.” The boy replied, “I am very thirsty and there is no water anywhere.”

Fr Charles was speechless and he could hardly hold his tears. Later he realized that oranges, grapes, and any juicy fruit were alternatives to water for the people. In the olden days, the people used to collect the small amount of water formed inside the foils of plantain leaves. At that time, when a child was born, he or she was given ‘mud water’ to drink as initiation into the ‘water test’. Survival of this test was a sign that the child was ready to face the water ordeal! As a result of this cultural practice, many children died due to water hygiene.
This made Father Charles resolved to do something to end this suffering. This was the experience that gave birth to Liquid Love Project.